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Prairie Schooner Financial & Insurance Agency


Licensed as a life & health insurance agent since 1997, I have worked with individuals and families on their life, health, protection and financial needs.

I show individuals & families how to increase their after tax retirement income 20% to 40% and make it last until they die by using little known IRS regulations.  I also show how to establish an immediate Emergency Fund of 100 to 500 thousand dollars or more with a savings program that guarantees your money will never go down in value.  An insurance program where “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DIE TO USE.” 


Showing clients it’s not always how much you save for retirement, but where you save it is more important.  By diverting the same money you are currently saving into a more beneficial program, you can increase your “after tax” retirement income by as much as 20% to 40% or more without increasing your current savings amount.

Retirement should be something you look forward to!     Not a terrifying event in the future!

Protecting yourself from the cost of surviving unexpected events such as a Terminal Illness, Critical Illness, Chronic Illness or an Accident when the costs exceed what your traditional health insurance will pay by $15k, $30k, $50k or more can be devastating.  Imagine, how much help it would be to be given money, because you have a program that has Accelerate Living Benefit Riders that accelerates money directly to you to help off-set the cost of surviving an event.

Accelerate Living Benefit Riders provides an immediate Emergency Fund

If you had an unexpected life changing health event, would you have to do one of the following to pay for it’s costs?

Borrow from your 401K and/or retirement programs?  Would this adversely affect your future retirement?

Would refinancing or selling your home solve your money problem?  Probably not & it would not be enjoyable!

How about borrowing money from relatives or friends?  How embarrassing that would be!

Accelerate Living Benefits would allow you to not have to do one of the options above, because money would be advanced directly to you and in addition, you are never required to repay the money nor are you ever charged any interest.


Would you like;

  “Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die To Use!”?  

Why should you need to die before your life insurance policy provides you with a benefit?


Specializing in taking advantage of IRS tax regulations to have a TAX-FREE retirement income stream!

I enjoy working with families showing them how they can help fund College plus a Retirement Income they cannot outlive that is Tax-Free by taking advantage of IRS Regulations


Are you in Medicare and have a hearth condition

You might be eligible for a special election period in Medicare, which means you can enroll or change your Medicare Advantage Plan any time during the year.


Investing with “No Down Side Risks

How would you like to have 20% to 40% more after-tax retirement income than what your 401k, 403b, IRAs and other tax qualified plans can provide without increasing your current retirement contributions?

How about a retirement income stream that is tax-free income and will last until you die?

Retirement should be something you look forward to, not a terrifying event in the future!

Out living your retirement income is not a pleasant thought!


Life’s “RETIREMENT” Phases!

When we reach the end of our working lives, we will have traveled one of two financial paths.  Each one has their associated unavoidable pains in life.


The first phase is the pain ofREGRET“:

This is what you feel for not starting a proper retirement program.

This first pain is not felt until you reach retirement; then you will feel the of regret it until you die.


The second phase is the pain of DISCIPLINE“:

This is the pain you feel for starting a proper retirement program.  You will endure the pain of discipline while saving for retirement during your working life; but this pain stops the day you retire and while you are in retirement when you have a proper retirement income.